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Zhu Yuanzhang, the Radiant King, is riding high on her recent victory that tore southern China from its Mongol rulers. Young, ambitious, and in possession of the Mandate of Heaven, Zhu believes utterly in her own capacity to do anything - endure anything - that will allow her to seize the imperial throne from the Mongols and crown herself Emperor.

But Zhu isn''t the only one with imperial ambitions. Her neighbor, the former courtesan Madam Zhang, wants the throne for her husband - and her powerful kingdom has the strength and resources to wipe Zhu off the map. The only way for Zhu to defeat Madam Zhang is to gamble everything on a risky alliance with an old enemy: the beautiful, traitorous eunuch general Ouyang.

Nearly mad with the grief and guilt of having killed his beloved Prince of Henan, Ouyang is alive for only one reason: to enact revenge on his father''s killer, the Great Khan. His instability soon threatens his partnership with Zhu, who has never felt grief in her life. Zhu can''t even imagine what kind of sacrifice could ever cause her to feel it. But all desire costs, and while Zhu has already paid with her body - the true price of her ambition will break even her ruthless heart.

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    Shelley Parker-Chan

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Shelley Parker-Chan

  • Pays : Australie
  • Langue : Anglais (australie)

Australienne d'origine asiatique, Shelley Parker-Chan est une ancienne diplomate et conseillère en développement international. Elle a passé près d'une décennie à défendre les droits humains, l'égalité entre les genres et les droits des personnes LGBT+ en Asie du Sud-Est. Baptisée Shelley en l'honneur du poète romantique anglais, elle a grandi bercée par les mythes grecs, la légende arthurienne et les contes chinois traversés d'amour et de souffrance. Véritable phénomène traduit en quinze langues et couronné notamment par deux British Fantasy Awards, cette duologie doit beaucoup à ces sources. Shelley vit aujourd'hui à Melbourne, en Australie.